The "Yes" Group

Dodging a Bulette

After a brief rest, the minecart battle resumed, with more drow being accompanied by their leader- a powerful witch. As the tunnel shrank, our heroes ducked and fought on. Valdor was able to see their track was ending soon, while the adjacent drow’s track went on and the effort was quickly made to hijack their cart. A few drow were slain as the party boarded their cart. Glathale was able to bash the witch off as well and the rest of the drow soon followed.

The battle won, the mine track came to a stop eventually in an open area with plenty of ore remaining. The party explored the area but found little but an abandoned mining operation and a dead dwarf. Upon further inspection, the dwarf bore marks identical to the slain banker’s family. Kevgeon also liberated him of his boots, sensing they were imbued with an uncertain magic.

The group pressed onward and found themselves in a large dark cave with a tall ceiling. After some light was applied, the party found themselves standing within the ribcage of a massive skeleton belonging to some long dead creature. The floor was covered in pieces of small bones, the regurgitating grounds of some still alive and very prolific creature.

Moving forward, the party came across an area covered in phosphorescent fungus of several varieties. The more nature-oriented in the party knew which mushrooms to avoid and which to trample. A strange village was soon found, inhabited by a race of sentient mushroom beings who were very wary of the interlopers. A few attempts to communicate with the beings fell flat (even after Glathale covered himself in mushroom spores to allay their fears), and the party left them alone.

They walked further down the cave complex until they came to a sandy area of the cave marked with protruding rocks. Before they could attempt to move across them, a large, heavily armored creature burst from the sand. Attempts to fight the creature were made difficult by the cramped terrain, and the fight didn’t appear to be going their way.

Elor’s foot was chomped by the beast and Kevgeon’s attempts to sneak attack the creature wounded it but also left him gravely injured. Draela attempted to keep it from rising from the sand with her arrows but it still fought ferociously. Glathale attempted to scout an escape route but returned to the fight when escape seemed unlikely. A last ditch fireball from Elor nearly immolated the monster but also injured some of the already wounded party. Running out of time, Draela was able to finish the injured creature with a final arrow.

The creature felled, the party made attempts to patch themselves up before continuing onward and seeking a way out…




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