The "Yes" Group

Murder in Laddenstradda


With more than his usual amount of reflection, Lo-kag decided to stay with the monks as he sought a new path. Afterwards, The Yes Group made their way back to Laddenstradda and upon returning, they were met by an energetic young rogue who was responding to their recently placed ad for one adventurer with “sneaking skills” and “enough one-liners to fill a bag of holding”. He introduced himself as Kevgeon Wolfsbane but before a conditional offer of employment could be made, a town guard burst into the inn.

The guard was frantic and asked the group if they could help with an emergency occurring nearby. The group accepted and followed the guard to an open area where a crowd had gathered. In the middle of the chaos, they could see a ring of town guards who had a brutish man surrounded at spearpoint. The man held a cleaver to the throat of a woman and was demanding to be set free, screaming about a crime he did not commit. Kevgeon, already attempting to earn his pay, scrambled up a nearby roof to get a clearer shot of the man with his bow.

In the end, the man was talked down and taken away by the guards. He claimed to be falsely accused of the murder of a prominent banker and his family. The guards cited their manner of death as evidence that the butcher had killed them. Sensing the accused may not be entirely guilty, the party asked the guards if they could investigate the murder on their own and were given 12 hours to find the real murderer or else the butcher would be executed.

The party arrived at the banker’s manor and were met by a gruesome scene. The banker, his wife, and two children lay in bloody heaps throughout the house. However, after some inspection, the party surmised that the butcher was unlikely to have caused their deaths, noting their wounds and the particular rage carried out on the banker and his wife. A search of his home and personal effects made it clear that the banker was a wealthy man who profited more than once from the misfortunes of others, but the crime appeared to be carried out by someone especially aggrieved.

Due to an outstanding lockpicking success from their new rogue compatriot, the party was able to access a large safe in the banker’s office. Inside was a more confounding lock- a magical ward consisting of two statue faces who spoke a riddle. Valdor was quick to answer the riddle however, and the contents of the safe were theirs- though no clear evidence of the killer’s identity was found inside.

Further exploration of the house revealed new construction in the basement where the wife’s corpse was found. It was a tunnel that led into the city’s sewers. After following the tunnel briefly, the party walked into a den of spiders and eventually overcame them. As they pressed on, the sewer path turned into a mining tunnel of dwarven construction, but with recent use by someone else…

At the end of the tunnel were two parallel minecart tracks. Having no other option, the party boarded the carts and slowly made their way down the tunnel. Not long after, the sound of screeching metal could be heard behind them and soon they could see dark figures approaching on the adjacent rails- a group of drow with a minecart of their own!

The drow shot arrows while they raced toward the party, who responded by pulling the brakes in their carts to close the gap and meet the drow with melee weapons. A tense, bumpy fight ensued as the combatants scraped down the tunnels. The drow were soon slain though and the party screeched onward into the unknown depths…



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