The "Yes" Group

The Conspiracy Deepens...

After meeting w/ govt, no results, go to invited sweethammer house, tensions high bc redbeareds vs bluebeards, reds lost all their shit and are way
visited khali roomheim to negotiate sale of vol, tensions run high and dr’s attempts at diplomacy fail, the group does some snow and given by child, things get twirly
we wake up with money and no worm, go to the docks (Valdor), meanwhile evero tells us about meeting Elor’s mom, said to go to oracle in the woods, states L is alive and is working towards his fate, great evil threatens the world
and wolf atk down by the docks lightning atks from askyboat twenty feet above, kill the poison wolves and the skyship escapes, left with no answers still, but try to enlist help of dock workers



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