The "Yes" Group

The Eleventh Hour

After ending the warden and Lady Greyana, the party searched the castle complex and found the dwarf they had set out to find. The party found him unharmed he and he informed them he had been hired to find an important document (the Codex) for Ali Rookheim, their previous employer and recent business associate. After being told the location of his daughter, the dwarf entrusted the Codex to the group and departed.

The party also discovered another person imprisoned with the dwarf, who introduced himself as Dr. Franklin De Voir. He was a mysterious character to be sure, but one who was happy to be free from the drow and pledged to help the party in any way he could. He started by providing a healthy dose of inspiration and enthusiasm to the party.

As the party made their way out of the castle with their new compatriot, the entire drow encampment stirred. The slavers and other miscreants had heard what happened in Mistmoore and they wanted blood. Further, the castle servants weren’t happy about the death of their leader. The group hastily fought through the city, searching for the minetrack that the dwarf had told them would lead to the exit. Valdor became lost somewhere in the fray, while Evero and Draela covered the rear, laying traps for their pursuers and fighting off a monster with two vicious pack hounds. Worse still, a great raging bellow could be heard approaching in the distance. When they finally found the track, it lead them to a large vertical mineshaft.

After several failed attempts to scale the chains that led to freedom, Dr. De Voir devised an idea and rigged the chains like a pulley system. One by one the party climbed onto the chain and held on tightly as it propelled them upward. However, eventually the chain began to slow due to the weight. At this moment, Elor could see that if his friends were to make it out of the Underdark alive, someone would have to jump from the chain. In an honorable sacrifice, Elor let go of the chain and plunged into the darkness as his friends ascended to the surface.

The party had little time to mourn however, as they reached the surface with just enough time to save the butcher. After they reached the courthouse, Kevgeon opted to knock out the court clerk who attempted to stop them. They burst into the courtroom and explained the exculpatory evidence they had collected, such that it was. The three elder judges were skeptical, but it was clear the party had just come from the depths of some horrible place. They explained the pathway found in the bottom of the victim’s home, and how it was possible savages from the Underdark slayed him and his family. Further, they explained that the wounds on the victim’s bodies were inconsistent with the means the butcher had available. The judges said they would consider the evidence and then hastily adjourned the preceeding.

Afterwards, they went to visit Ali Rookheim and were met by his daughter, Kalee. They discussed business and the Codex was returned to him, for which the group received a moderate payment. Ali wanted to discuss the party’s arena dealings, but the party was weary from the events of the day and took their leave.

Somber over the loss of Elor and their efforts to save the butcher yielding little success, the group took to the tavern. Here, Evero gets into his cups and lets slip Elor’s surname, Rookthelian. Only a few party members are knowledgeable enough to recognize the name, but the revelation is important. De Voir takes a moment to reassure Evero that Elor is in a better place, although he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Kevgeon (himself a newcomer to the group) becomes suspicious of Dr. De Voir and his aims…

After drinking and mourning for most the night, the party retires. Some sleep better than others, but those who didn’t drink themselves into a coma are awoken by a great earthquake accompanied by splitting earth and torrents of water. The cataclysm is announced with a deep bellow from the earth as the land surrounding Laddenstradda is torn apart.

The city begins to flood and fires break out across the districts. The party then notices an immense magical energy emanating from the Licee go to investigate, fearing the worst…



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