The "Yes" Group

The Rookthalian Seige

Here follows the fall of Lord (Endaro) Rookthalian and the

At dusk on the final day of mourning the sky is shattered by the explosion of several bombs around the city’s dwarven quarter. Our champions arrive at the Great Hall of the dwarf lords where they find only chaos and anger. A plan is crafted to use the city tunnels and sewer network to invade the Rookthalian Manor. Suddenly the doors of the great hall are flung wide, three creatures of shadow melt into existence.

Stone cold terror grips the heart of any who look into the eyes of these wraiths, who seem to rip the will away from all they touch. Our champions see the fight is lost and escape; determined to strike back at the Lord Endaro Rookthalian while his shadow spawn ransack the would-be dwarven rebels. Hurtling past all manor of defenses, the Yes Group find the Rookthalian Lord in his banquet hall. Though greatly diminished in number the band overcome the final lines of defense and bring Endaro to his knees.

Its host fallen, a tentacled humanoid departs through a portal hanging in the air, leaving the mind and body on the verge of death. Smelling treasure and glory the band press on through the portal, finding themselves on board a flying ship in the Astral Sea. The deck crew is overcome and the off-world beast vanishes, just after mentioning the famed Hearthstone. Moments later he captures the Doctor and appears on the verge of success. With a daring burst of hope, the ship’s master, an enslaved elven mage, plunges the ship towards a gargantuan body of water. The foul beast is knocked loose and drowns.

Our heroes find themselves alive, and in possession of a wondrous ship. Laddenstradda appears safe for the moment and our champions are much enriched by the treasures found in the hold of the ship.



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