The "Yes" Group

Castle Mistmoore

*Now under new management*

Upon returning to the camp with their gnolls prisoners in tow, the party soon found out that gnoll slaves were at the absolute bottom of the slave trade hierarchy. While discussing their options, Valdor decided to set up a makeshift potion shop in the camp and vend his wares to the drow slavers. Meanwhile, the party discovered that the leader of a nearby castle, Greyana Mistmoore, was buying up all kinds of slaves (even gnolls) for servitude. Further, it seems from conversations with other slaves that Greyana likely bought the dwarf the group was looking for as well.

Before heading to the castle, Kevgeon elected to scope out it’s defenses and was able to get inside. Once in, he found himself in an area full of cells- the remnants of an old prison. When he attempted to get a closer look into the cells, he discovered they were all occupied by monstrosities and abominations. The prisoners had been heavily experimented on by unknown means. He narrowly avoids alerting the guards and escapes to inform the rest of the party.

After much planning the group concocts a plan to light one of their remaining gnolls ablaze and sent him hurtling toward the castle. With the guards distracted, the party is able to sneak in and soon makes their way down to the prison. The guards eventually become aware of their presence and a fight ensues. During the fight some of the prisoners escape and join in the melee, so maddened by their deformities that they attack the guards and party alike. The Yes group emerges victorious but before they can fully recover from their fight they are thrust into another one.

Deep inside the prison, the group finds a large room where a half dozen dwarves are toiling away at several large molten furnaces making weapons and armor. Among them is a disembodied brain that walks upright on its appendages and a large lizardman creature who appears to be its body guard. The fight starts as soon as the party is sighted. To make matters worse, Zanabal, the warden of the prison, has heard the commotion and joins the fray with his guards. Meanwhile, the captive dwarves don’t seem keen on helping the party. The fight is brutal but before long all the enemies are slain and the party attempts to piece together the mysteries of Castle Mistmoore.

From what they gathered, Zanabal and Lady Greyana were taking in scores of slaves, mutilating and experimenting upon them until they were unrecognizable (and perhaps enhancing them through these grisly means), and equipping them with crude weapons and armor fashioned by the dwarven slaves. What was their purpose? Were they raising an army to conquer territory in the Underdark, or did they intend to assault the surface world? Was an attack Laddenstradda in their plans? The designs and machinations of the drow are as nebulous as they are vulgar, but the party was secure in the satisfaction that they had at least prevented yet another treacherous act of the drow.

Speaking of which, as the party collected themselves after their battle and went about freeing the dwarves, Draela’s scarlet eyes scanned the now-vacant castle and thought of all the improvements she could make…



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