The "Yes" Group

A Changed City, A City in Mourning

Return to the graveyard, defeat skels zombs
vol senses water on the other side and bails, 100k dead in flood/fire
7 days of mourning, city vastly changed
Ali tries to buy vol, says he will die if he doesn’t leave new climate
we go to inn and think on the conspiracy, next day go to the docks and ask questions
Captain Timothy from Miranlok sailed her with 2 weeks notices, Sails under lord Rookthalian, and brings silk
Valdor goes to library to learn about Rooks (Lord Endero), we go to govt bldg after playing sweethammer card, and speak to dwarf council, who are reticient to speak about the events
party is left searching

Saving Laddenstradda

When the party reaches the top of the Licee, they encounter dozens of high mages and professors formed in a circle, and Evero is able to tell they are channeling a powerful protection spell.

They are then approached by Archmage Velouria, who tells the party they are forming a protective magical barrier around the city to prevent the fires from spreading. She asks the group for help extinguishing the fires that surround the barrier, mostly in the poorer districts. They agree, and suggest that their prized arena worm Vol could breach the outer wall in order to flood the city- a scenario in which much of the city will be lost to water, but the remainder will be saved from uncontrollable fire.

They make for the arena and along the way meet a distraught dwarf woman whose house is ablaze with her children missing inside. Springing into action, the Yes group saves the two dwarf children with nary a scratch.

After trying their hand at being firefighters, they hurried to the arena where they were confronted by two ogre gladiators who had just escaped. Soon after, the party looked to the sky and saw Valdor approaching on his flying disk. He had been surveying the damage and could see the party was about to be in trouble. A fight then ensued in the arena courtyard and the party handily dispatched the ogres. However, during the course of the battle a statue of Lo-Kag was destroyed by one of the rampaging ogres.

The party then made their way into the arena and were able to communicate to Vol that they urgently needed his help. They saddled up and rode the great centipede through the ruins of the city to the wall, where they command Vol to begin to bore through to the other side. Upon arriving, the party was taken by an uneasy sense of comfort and rejuvenation that appeared to emanate from the ground below. Before they could even assess what was happening, dozens of undead burst from the rubble and scattered debris and at once attack them.

The group being heavily outnumbered, they scrambled to dispatch the hordes of undead, unsure of what unholy magic drew them to this place or resulted in their creation. Meanwhile, Vol continued to dig as the fight raged on…

The Eleventh Hour

After ending the warden and Lady Greyana, the party searched the castle complex and found the dwarf they had set out to find. The party found him unharmed he and he informed them he had been hired to find an important document (the Codex) for Ali Rookheim, their previous employer and recent business associate. After being told the location of his daughter, the dwarf entrusted the Codex to the group and departed.

The party also discovered another person imprisoned with the dwarf, who introduced himself as Dr. Franklin De Voir. He was a mysterious character to be sure, but one who was happy to be free from the drow and pledged to help the party in any way he could. He started by providing a healthy dose of inspiration and enthusiasm to the party.

As the party made their way out of the castle with their new compatriot, the entire drow encampment stirred. The slavers and other miscreants had heard what happened in Mistmoore and they wanted blood. Further, the castle servants weren’t happy about the death of their leader. The group hastily fought through the city, searching for the minetrack that the dwarf had told them would lead to the exit. Valdor became lost somewhere in the fray, while Evero and Draela covered the rear, laying traps for their pursuers and fighting off a monster with two vicious pack hounds. Worse still, a great raging bellow could be heard approaching in the distance. When they finally found the track, it lead them to a large vertical mineshaft.

After several failed attempts to scale the chains that led to freedom, Dr. De Voir devised an idea and rigged the chains like a pulley system. One by one the party climbed onto the chain and held on tightly as it propelled them upward. However, eventually the chain began to slow due to the weight. At this moment, Elor could see that if his friends were to make it out of the Underdark alive, someone would have to jump from the chain. In an honorable sacrifice, Elor let go of the chain and plunged into the darkness as his friends ascended to the surface.

The party had little time to mourn however, as they reached the surface with just enough time to save the butcher. After they reached the courthouse, Kevgeon opted to knock out the court clerk who attempted to stop them. They burst into the courtroom and explained the exculpatory evidence they had collected, such that it was. The three elder judges were skeptical, but it was clear the party had just come from the depths of some horrible place. They explained the pathway found in the bottom of the victim’s home, and how it was possible savages from the Underdark slayed him and his family. Further, they explained that the wounds on the victim’s bodies were inconsistent with the means the butcher had available. The judges said they would consider the evidence and then hastily adjourned the preceeding.

Afterwards, they went to visit Ali Rookheim and were met by his daughter, Kalee. They discussed business and the Codex was returned to him, for which the group received a moderate payment. Ali wanted to discuss the party’s arena dealings, but the party was weary from the events of the day and took their leave.

Somber over the loss of Elor and their efforts to save the butcher yielding little success, the group took to the tavern. Here, Evero gets into his cups and lets slip Elor’s surname, Rookthelian. Only a few party members are knowledgeable enough to recognize the name, but the revelation is important. De Voir takes a moment to reassure Evero that Elor is in a better place, although he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Kevgeon (himself a newcomer to the group) becomes suspicious of Dr. De Voir and his aims…

After drinking and mourning for most the night, the party retires. Some sleep better than others, but those who didn’t drink themselves into a coma are awoken by a great earthquake accompanied by splitting earth and torrents of water. The cataclysm is announced with a deep bellow from the earth as the land surrounding Laddenstradda is torn apart.

The city begins to flood and fires break out across the districts. The party then notices an immense magical energy emanating from the Licee go to investigate, fearing the worst…

Castle Mistmoore
*Now under new management*

Upon returning to the camp with their gnolls prisoners in tow, the party soon found out that gnoll slaves were at the absolute bottom of the slave trade hierarchy. While discussing their options, Valdor decided to set up a makeshift potion shop in the camp and vend his wares to the drow slavers. Meanwhile, the party discovered that the leader of a nearby castle, Greyana Mistmoore, was buying up all kinds of slaves (even gnolls) for servitude. Further, it seems from conversations with other slaves that Greyana likely bought the dwarf the group was looking for as well.

Before heading to the castle, Kevgeon elected to scope out it’s defenses and was able to get inside. Once in, he found himself in an area full of cells- the remnants of an old prison. When he attempted to get a closer look into the cells, he discovered they were all occupied by monstrosities and abominations. The prisoners had been heavily experimented on by unknown means. He narrowly avoids alerting the guards and escapes to inform the rest of the party.

After much planning the group concocts a plan to light one of their remaining gnolls ablaze and sent him hurtling toward the castle. With the guards distracted, the party is able to sneak in and soon makes their way down to the prison. The guards eventually become aware of their presence and a fight ensues. During the fight some of the prisoners escape and join in the melee, so maddened by their deformities that they attack the guards and party alike. The Yes group emerges victorious but before they can fully recover from their fight they are thrust into another one.

Deep inside the prison, the group finds a large room where a half dozen dwarves are toiling away at several large molten furnaces making weapons and armor. Among them is a disembodied brain that walks upright on its appendages and a large lizardman creature who appears to be its body guard. The fight starts as soon as the party is sighted. To make matters worse, Zanabal, the warden of the prison, has heard the commotion and joins the fray with his guards. Meanwhile, the captive dwarves don’t seem keen on helping the party. The fight is brutal but before long all the enemies are slain and the party attempts to piece together the mysteries of Castle Mistmoore.

From what they gathered, Zanabal and Lady Greyana were taking in scores of slaves, mutilating and experimenting upon them until they were unrecognizable (and perhaps enhancing them through these grisly means), and equipping them with crude weapons and armor fashioned by the dwarven slaves. What was their purpose? Were they raising an army to conquer territory in the Underdark, or did they intend to assault the surface world? Was an attack Laddenstradda in their plans? The designs and machinations of the drow are as nebulous as they are vulgar, but the party was secure in the satisfaction that they had at least prevented yet another treacherous act of the drow.

Speaking of which, as the party collected themselves after their battle and went about freeing the dwarves, Draela’s scarlet eyes scanned the now-vacant castle and thought of all the improvements she could make…

Into the Drow Camp
Wherein the Yes group plunges to new lows...


After leaving the lair of the bulette (and spending a few minutes to rest and carve up their quarry), the party moved further down the tunnel complex. Shortly after, Evero and Ediza joined up with them. Before they could get caught up on the happenings inside the Underdark, the group found themselves inside of a chamber filled with hooks, chains, and other torture implements.

The ground was covered in scraps of books and notes, and as the group examined them, an apparition appeared and asked them questions about historical events that had occurred since his passing. The ghost’s questions were answered to his satisfaction by Valdor, and he then rewarded the group with his magic painting (a flat plane of inter-dimensional space- that lacked oxygen). The ghost was exceedingly friendly and tried to tell the group many poems and tales but they simply had to move on if they were going to save the butcher.

After passing through a den of spiders without provoking them, the adventurers traversed a steep hill (using Valdor’s disc) and arrived on a level of the complex coated in an acidic haze that made it difficult to breath. Fashioning makeshift masks, the party moved forward until they came upon several pools of acid. One of the pools had a skeletal hand outstretching from it that was grasping a strange rod. The rod couldn’t be moved or manipulated through normal means ((but somehow Draela got it?)).

The party soon approached a reprieve from the dark acidic halls and entered an old mining area filled with barrels of tools and crates of ore. Among the clutter they found a lonely dwarf child who said that her father, Vaagen Sweethammer, had been kidnapped by some Drow slavers and was likely taken to a nearby Drow camp. The party offered to help the girl, and promised to reunite her with her father if he was found (and still alive).

The group soon found the Drow encampment and was horrified by the cruelty within. Flags of skin and ramparts of bone made up the grisly bivouac. This was clearly a terrible place, even for the Underdark. However, the Yes group pressed on, deciding to don “drowface” and disguises in an attempt to sneak into the camp (Elor declined to don his infamous “prisoner” disguise, however). While masquerading as slave traders, the group wandered the camp until they could find where Sweethammer might be held.

The slavers they spoke to were skeptical to say the least. It was a miracle that the party wasn’t outright killed after several failed guesses and false claims of a particular Drow ancestry were made by the group. Everyone in the party was ignorant of Drow customs and traditions, save for Draela, who, upon her recent snow-binging, drug-addled lark had clearly obliterated them from her mind.

Instead of being cast out for being imbeciles, the party offered to return with fresh slaves so that the slavers might respond more kindly to their inquiries. The group was able to locate a pack of wandering gnolls and set up a cunning plan to ambush them involving a rigged boulder that would shoot through the group, hopefully killing most of them and leaving a few to take as slaves. However, Elor had other ideas and thought the best way to enslave the gnolls was through the all-consuming tyranny of fire. He hurled a fireball at them and the fight was soon over. With three gnolls captured, the party made their way back to the camp…

Dodging a Bulette

After a brief rest, the minecart battle resumed, with more drow being accompanied by their leader- a powerful witch. As the tunnel shrank, our heroes ducked and fought on. Valdor was able to see their track was ending soon, while the adjacent drow’s track went on and the effort was quickly made to hijack their cart. A few drow were slain as the party boarded their cart. Glathale was able to bash the witch off as well and the rest of the drow soon followed.

The battle won, the mine track came to a stop eventually in an open area with plenty of ore remaining. The party explored the area but found little but an abandoned mining operation and a dead dwarf. Upon further inspection, the dwarf bore marks identical to the slain banker’s family. Kevgeon also liberated him of his boots, sensing they were imbued with an uncertain magic.

The group pressed onward and found themselves in a large dark cave with a tall ceiling. After some light was applied, the party found themselves standing within the ribcage of a massive skeleton belonging to some long dead creature. The floor was covered in pieces of small bones, the regurgitating grounds of some still alive and very prolific creature.

Moving forward, the party came across an area covered in phosphorescent fungus of several varieties. The more nature-oriented in the party knew which mushrooms to avoid and which to trample. A strange village was soon found, inhabited by a race of sentient mushroom beings who were very wary of the interlopers. A few attempts to communicate with the beings fell flat (even after Glathale covered himself in mushroom spores to allay their fears), and the party left them alone.

They walked further down the cave complex until they came to a sandy area of the cave marked with protruding rocks. Before they could attempt to move across them, a large, heavily armored creature burst from the sand. Attempts to fight the creature were made difficult by the cramped terrain, and the fight didn’t appear to be going their way.

Elor’s foot was chomped by the beast and Kevgeon’s attempts to sneak attack the creature wounded it but also left him gravely injured. Draela attempted to keep it from rising from the sand with her arrows but it still fought ferociously. Glathale attempted to scout an escape route but returned to the fight when escape seemed unlikely. A last ditch fireball from Elor nearly immolated the monster but also injured some of the already wounded party. Running out of time, Draela was able to finish the injured creature with a final arrow.

The creature felled, the party made attempts to patch themselves up before continuing onward and seeking a way out…


Murder in Laddenstradda


With more than his usual amount of reflection, Lo-kag decided to stay with the monks as he sought a new path. Afterwards, The Yes Group made their way back to Laddenstradda and upon returning, they were met by an energetic young rogue who was responding to their recently placed ad for one adventurer with “sneaking skills” and “enough one-liners to fill a bag of holding”. He introduced himself as Kevgeon Wolfsbane but before a conditional offer of employment could be made, a town guard burst into the inn.

The guard was frantic and asked the group if they could help with an emergency occurring nearby. The group accepted and followed the guard to an open area where a crowd had gathered. In the middle of the chaos, they could see a ring of town guards who had a brutish man surrounded at spearpoint. The man held a cleaver to the throat of a woman and was demanding to be set free, screaming about a crime he did not commit. Kevgeon, already attempting to earn his pay, scrambled up a nearby roof to get a clearer shot of the man with his bow.

In the end, the man was talked down and taken away by the guards. He claimed to be falsely accused of the murder of a prominent banker and his family. The guards cited their manner of death as evidence that the butcher had killed them. Sensing the accused may not be entirely guilty, the party asked the guards if they could investigate the murder on their own and were given 12 hours to find the real murderer or else the butcher would be executed.

The party arrived at the banker’s manor and were met by a gruesome scene. The banker, his wife, and two children lay in bloody heaps throughout the house. However, after some inspection, the party surmised that the butcher was unlikely to have caused their deaths, noting their wounds and the particular rage carried out on the banker and his wife. A search of his home and personal effects made it clear that the banker was a wealthy man who profited more than once from the misfortunes of others, but the crime appeared to be carried out by someone especially aggrieved.

Due to an outstanding lockpicking success from their new rogue compatriot, the party was able to access a large safe in the banker’s office. Inside was a more confounding lock- a magical ward consisting of two statue faces who spoke a riddle. Valdor was quick to answer the riddle however, and the contents of the safe were theirs- though no clear evidence of the killer’s identity was found inside.

Further exploration of the house revealed new construction in the basement where the wife’s corpse was found. It was a tunnel that led into the city’s sewers. After following the tunnel briefly, the party walked into a den of spiders and eventually overcame them. As they pressed on, the sewer path turned into a mining tunnel of dwarven construction, but with recent use by someone else…

At the end of the tunnel were two parallel minecart tracks. Having no other option, the party boarded the carts and slowly made their way down the tunnel. Not long after, the sound of screeching metal could be heard behind them and soon they could see dark figures approaching on the adjacent rails- a group of drow with a minecart of their own!

The drow shot arrows while they raced toward the party, who responded by pulling the brakes in their carts to close the gap and meet the drow with melee weapons. A tense, bumpy fight ensued as the combatants scraped down the tunnels. The drow were soon slain though and the party screeched onward into the unknown depths…

Mountain Trek to the Jou'run Ruins
Glathale Resurrected


After killing Casaboun and thereby saving the city from his plot (unbeknownst to the populace), The Yes Group decided to lay low at their favored inn- The Splurging Sturgeon. Here, they heard a rumor of an ancient ruin far in the mountains that held powerful secrets. Some said the ruins offered enlightenment, others treasure. Another rumor claimed a mysterious creature resided within, able to grant wishes and bring the dead back to life. Seeing an adventure to undertake outside of town and the opportunity to bring Glathale back on the cheap, the party set out for the Jou’run Ruins.

First, the party traveled to a temple near the base of the mountains to gain insight from the monks there. They were greeted by Master Ronju, who offered them a night’s rest and information about the location of the ruins. The party also took part in their rituals and observed their monastic traditions, in which Lo-Kag took a particular interest in.

The next day the party began their arduous trek through the frozen wastes of the mountains. The endurance of all the party members was tested, but together they made it through the harshest parts of the mountains. Eventually, they came upon a frost giant encampment. The group tried to sneak around and keep their distance, but the giants were in their familiar hunting grounds and sensed the interlopers. They were able to escape a fight with the powerful giants and flee from their volleys of spears and arrows.

Soon after, the group sought shelter in the mouth of a cave near the summit, where they set up camp for the night. As extreme luck would have it, this cave was the long sealed off entrance to the ruins and through a little searching, the old entrance was found. A family of owlbears who had taken residence in the ruins were not happy about the intrusion, but they unfortunately couldn’t be persuaded that the adventurers meant no harm.

After dealing with the owlbears, the party proceeded into the ruins where they found the remnants of an ancient people whose origins and nature were unclear. In a large open room, a statute presided over a large pond whose water remained unfrozen in the sub-zero environment.

As the adventurers gazed into the pond, they each saw a different visage in the water. They then conferred with each other and some related their visions. Lo-Kag stated he saw an image of Glathale in the pond. The party inferred that this was the sacred power contained in the ruins- the ability to see and possibly bring back deceased loved ones and fallen allies from the pool. They decided to see if Glathale resting in the pool was more than just a vision, and so Lo-Kag reached into the water and was sobered find his old arena partner inside and pulled him out.

After being pulled from the pool in much the same condition as before he was killed by the hydra, Glathale struggled to understand the circumstances of his resurrection but was glad to be back. Uncertain of the cost the ruins would seek for this magic, the party wasted no time in making their way back to the monastery. Once there, they filled Glathale in on their recent exploits. Meanwhile, Lo-Kag had become increasingly interested in the traditions and lifestyle of the monks. After having taken a break from the bloody life of arena combat to help Glathale’s allies, the trip ended with Lo-Kag contemplating adopting the serene life of the monks in an attempt to seek a new path and find meaning in his life…

The End of Casaboun

After convincing Collette to join them, the party decided it had had enough of Casaboun’s mysterious plans. In keeping with past traditions, the party set up a meeting with the Professor in a nearby courtyard in which they promised to bring Collette (who they had already set free). This time, however, the group failed to meet Casaboun and instead decided to break in and further investigate his quarters in the university tower- Liycee. Draela was noticeably absent from this endeavor though, disappearing in the night with a box full of “snow” that was given to her by Collette.

The rest of the party, along with former student Ediza, gained access to the tower by pretending to be the entourage of Professor Casaboun, whom Evero had taken the guise of. Elor decided to tie himself up, intending to be walked through the halls of Liycee as Casaboun’s prisoner. The prisoner and uncommonly large entourage invited suspicion towards Evero, but he was able to pass for the eccentric scholar.

As the group neared Casaboun’s chambers, the ever-vigilant elemental guardians could not be fooled by the ruse. A dramatic fight ensued and the guardians were defeated. After only a short reprieve, the party had to press on, fearing the arrival of additional sentries.

Upon entering Casaboun’s chambers, it was plainly visible that he was up to something nefarious. Inscribed in the center of the floor was a large summoning circle, surrounded by four smaller runic circles. Rodney, who was found badly wounded and bound in one of the circles, was put out of his misery by Ediza. Further, a cursory search of the room revealed little, but Elor was able to sense the ritual Casaboun was working on would cause great destruction to the city. Just then, Casaboun burst into the room with a captured Collette in tow. Attempts to reason with the mad professor failed. He suddenly flung the party to all four corners of the room and a dynamic battle ensued.

The party fought a difficult battle against Casaboun’s mastery of the elements. With several party members subdued, he was nearly able to complete his ritual but ultimately it was Evero, his former protege, who dealt the killing blow. After ending Casaboun’s plans and dismantling the ritual, the party took what they could of his library, collected his powerful staff, and fled the university to avoid the ensuing chaos.

Fun in the City
"I don't like the drugs, the drugs like me."

(Disclaimer: This log will have a lot of holes because it was so long ago and I lost all my notes, but most of the events are there.)

After learning from Evero that Casaboun was indeed plotting something nefarious and using them to accomplish it, the party agreed to find Colette but had no intention of returning her to him.

After asking around, they tracked her down to a shady inn where she was the proprietor. The inn featured a trio of sultry dancers who were very popular with the patrons. It was also discovered that Colette had enthralled her customers with another force- a magical and illicit compound known as “snow”. Colette was the primary manufacturer of this powerful elemental stimulant and hallucinogen and was selling it out of her establishment.

The party eventually met with Colette and told her about how Casaboun had sent them to find her, but warned that he was up to no good. She brushed off their concerns and instead offered them a sample of her snow compound. Draela was the only party member to try it and was immediately overcome by its effects. Colette went on to say that if they wanted her assistance with stopping Casaboun, they would have to help get rid of a local temple of Ioun worshipers.

She explained that they had become dependent on the use of snow in their ceremonies and were increasingly applying pressure for her to supply them with more. She wanted them to be exposed for the fringe cultists they were, who had become more interested in consuming snow than revering Ioun.

The party then traveled to the temple where they got conned into participating in their rituals by the head priest. It was clear something unnatural was taking place and all of the parishioners appeared to be in a snow-induced stupor. After leaving, the party decided they would kill two birds with one stone: dismantle Colette’s snow manufacturing operation (thereby freeing her to come with them) and planting the same evidence within the temple of Ioun and then alerting the town guards (ridding Colette and the city of their tainted gospel).

The plan was solid but the execution that followed was messy. Draela became addicted to snow and was unable to help much. Elor became trapped in the temple overnight and forced to participate in the priests’ snow consumption and rituals. Lastly, after the evidence had been planted, Evero became jailed by the town guard, who became suspicious of his actions after alerting them to the goings-on at the temple. He was able to escape by mind-shattering a helpless prisoner and jumping from a window.

Just as Evero re-joined the party, the guards were already headed to investigate the temple. Meanwhile, the temple zealots, with a drugged Elor in tow, marched on to Colette’s inn to take over her snow operation. Soon, the two forces met in the street and a chaotic fight erupted. The party assisted the guards while Colette tried to flee from everyone. However, the party cut off her escape and she surrendered to them. As the guards and zealots fought in the streets, they made their way back to their quarters at the Splurging Sturgeon.

Colette agreed to help them and promised she was out of the snow business. She gave a crate of her remaining wares to the group, which was readily claimed by Draela. A brief fight followed between her, Evero, and Elor, who recognized the inherent evil in the substance and tried to destroy the crate. She was able to wrest control of it, however, and the adventure concluded with Draela disappearing into the night with a box of madness…


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