The "Yes" Group

Elemental Pains

As the stirges descended upon them, the party scrambled to defend themselves in the alien environment. Leaving very little space for combat maneuvers, the disc landscape almost got the better of the group while the stirges buzzed and grabbed at them. After the initial threat of the stirges had abated, the party approached a large structure atop one floating disc and could just make out a humanoid figure seated on an elemental throne.

As the party got closer, they could tell it was the mage they were looking for- Rodney. They could also tell he was quite mad. He shouted to them with insane ramblings about being “intruders” in his “beautiful realm” and that his “precious-es” would devour them. He wasn’t interested in listening to the party, and summoned his awaiting stirge swarms to attack. Before the panic of being beset on all sides by stirges again could set in, Rodney also called forth a massive flying worm to encircle the party.

With the group split between multiple platforms, the fight ensued. Draela focused her bow on keeping the worm at bay, while Ediza, Elor, and Evero fought the swarming stirges with volleys of magic. Meanwhile, Lo-kag attempted to jump between platforms to halt Rodney’s commands as Valdor’s healing prowess was tested as he attempted to keep his party healthy as the stirges sucked the life from them.

A bloody fight raged on until the large worm could be brought down and the lesser stirges destroyed. After disabling him, the party made the decision to spare Rodney’s life. Though quite mad, they had promised to return him to Professor Casaboun. After a few wayward teleportation spells to try and extract them from the plane, Rodney was able to return them from his realm to Laddenstradda in one piece.

Rodney was quickly handed over to Casaboun, who still promised a powerful artifact, but not before the party sought out and captured Colette- the next of his errant students. During their downtime, the group placed rigged bets in the arena on the winged worm that was given to them by Rodney and they profited handsomely at his expense.

Meanwhile, Evero decided to take a closer look into the professor’s plans. Using his illusory powers, he gained access to Casaboun’s quarters in the university, and though he was not able to fully detect what was taking place within, he heard the sounds of an imprisoned Rodney shrieking and possibly being tortured by magical implements. Evero returned to the party and informed them all that their already tenuous trust in his former mentor had been misplaced and that he appeared to be using their efforts for a nefarious plan…

Our heroes took a day off

Last week we played a bunch of space munchkin, and it was a lot of fun!

Literal Cliffhanger

After exhaustively planning out their gambit, the group closed their trap on the wary drow in the belly of the sewer. With the help of Ediza and her elementals, the forces were evenly matched. The battle raged on and just when it seemed like the drow were gaining the upper hand, Alardin emerged from nowhere (presumably from the matrimonial tendrils of his honeymoon) and was able to turn the tide. However, a few drow lackeys escaped, spelling future problems for outcast Draela.

The group cemented their partnership with Ediza and shared with her their (and Casaboun’s) plans. At their later meeting, the group was able to convince Casaboun that the newly-reformed Ediza was on their side and would do more to aid the group’s cause than turning her over to him. They then began their search for the third of Casaboun’s errant pupils, Rodney.

They tracked him to an abandoned manor where they searched high and low, only finding a well-stocked and recently used library. After Valdor read from a large rune-inscribed tome that was left out in the open, he was magically transported to the astral plane. After getting over their initial trepidation, the rest of the party finally joined him and found themselves aloft on a sea of floating discs hovering over an infinite plane of sky. Valdor, ever the explorer, elected to be the first to try moving across the plane, and attempted to jump between the discs. He slipped on his first jump and was only able to grab the edge of the adjacent disc. As they watched their ally hang from the slippery landscape, the party barely noticed the sound of a swarm of blood-thirsty stirges approaching from above…

This week, our fearless leaders learned about sewers, drow, and gelatinous cubes.
I got 99 problems, but drow ain't one

Our heroes were approached by Professor Casaboun, who mentioned that several of his students, have become bitter and twisted, and have been attacking the city. The students: Malak, Ediza, Collete, Radney, and Evero, have all left his apprenticeship at different times, and are now causing major problems.

Our heroes didn’t trust the professor and ventured to track down Ediza, one of the students, on their own. They tracked her down to the sewers, where they fought sewer monsters and made poop jokes. They eventually stumbled on some drow (who were familiar with Draela and her past), and promised to give up Ediza for safe passage.

Once they met Ediza, they thought she was pretty cool, and decided to NOT give her up, and instead use her elemental magic to fight the drow. They cooked up an elaborate plan to trap / counter trap / counter-counter trap the drow with a series of gambits that may or may not work out…

The Problem with Wizards

After a brief period of mourning following the heroic death of Glathale, the group continues with their business in the arena district until it is attacked by a manticore and a group of drakes(?). The attack ends as suddenly as it began, however, with the manticore escaping and the drakes discovered to be mere illusions. A few city guards are slain, and the populace frightened, but the source of the attacks remains unknown.

Later, as business returns to normal, the arena crowd is abuzz with the introduction of a mysterious creature to the arena games- a deceptively fearsome rabbit. The group witnesses (and places bets) on the rabbit’s first fight, in which it pummels its foes to death with an unseen force. Upon learning that this rabbit will be the next opponent to face their centipede, the group investigates the rabbit’s origins and the person behind the combatant.

While little is discovered by observing the rabbit in its cage beneath the arena, the group learns the identity of its owner, Kalima- a disgraced wizard of the city’s famous tower university, Liycee. The group then dons disguises in order to investigate further in the exclusive wizard’s college. With the ruse working to varying degrees of success, the adventurers attempt to gather more information from the students at a university gathering. Before much can be learned about the mysterious wizard, he bursts into the room, hurling insults and students alike! During the attack, the students join with the party and help in disabling Kalima’s protective barrier, and soon kill him. It is discovered that he was a powerful master of elemental magic and manipulated invisible air elementals were the source of his power.

The group returns to the arena for their giant centipede’s fight with the rabbit, but not before placing several stacked bets against him. The now-ordinary rabbit is eaten in an instant and the group profits handsomely. Afterwards, a strange elder wizard approaches the party with a task. Casaboun, a professor at Liycee, tells them about a group of vengeful rogue wizards who may be planning terrorist attacks on Laddenstradda, with whom Kalima was associated. He promises a rare artifact of power to the party if they assist in halting the students’ plans. The party dubiously accepts the offer and, knowing the whereabouts of the first student, Ediza, prepare to track her down and question her…

The Story So Far...
(From a blurry memory- feel free to add or change)

Our story begins when a duo of mages, Evero Ilim and Elor Rookthelian, and their companions set out across the desert wastes to the tent city of Yain Karai, seeking treasure and fortune. Along the way they encounter a merchant under attack by brigands. After saving the merchant, known as Al Rokheem, he rewards the adventurers and leads them to Yain Karai, where he soon after offers the group a job- to travel to the Valley of Monsters and capture a giant centipede for use in the capital city’s gladiator games.

The duo accepts (but not before negotiating a more appealing offer) and hold a series of interviews to find suitable companions for the task. Here they add to their retinue several fellow adventurers: free-spirited Gnome bard Binkbick Stormwaddle, noble holy avenger Aramil(?) the Eladrin, the mysterious and roguish Drow ranger Draela, world-weary human knight Glathale, and devout Half-elf cleric Valdor Erhgath.

The group then braved the harsh trials of the Valley of Monsters and after a hard-fought battle with the giant centipede, returned with its (still living) head. They then traveled to the capital city of Laddenstradda. Here, Al Rokheem instructed the group on how to grow and nurture their new pet and they readied it for combat in Shalo Saana, an ancient arena built in the remnants of the old city. After teaching their pet a host of combat tricks and outfitting it with battle gear, it was more than prepared to win its first fight. However, it was not yet fully grown and the group was forced to participate in a qualifying fight on behalf of their pet.

In their fight, the group was matched up against a large hydra and it nearly destroyed them. After using every possible tactic, the group continued to struggle against the ferocious creature, which only grew more dangerous as its many heads were severed. Glathale, as if fated, pressed on and made one final attempt to finish the fight. His last blow caused enough damage to kill the hydra but he was still torn apart in the death throes of its many mouths. The party victorious, they entombed their fallen ally’s remains in the halls of the arena and soon made plans to resurrect him.

Stf45 jason
Above: Glathale prepares to be shredded


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