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Like every great city, Laddenstradda was once just a piece of earth. Long ago a race of dwarfish men chose to settle the region for its fertile soil and the protection offered by great range of mountains, they call themselves the Bennoteth. The city of Laddenstradda was born when a pass was discovered through the mountains. Called the Frozen Heart, this pass made trade with neighboring city states significantly easier and moved the young city into prominence. As the city grew in power so did the Bennoteth, who established themselves as rulers of the new city state. For decades the Bennoteth were rich and powerful, profiting off the land and trade. Their armies defended against would-be assailants who wished to take the region by force. As generations passed the bloodlines of the Bennoteth weakened, and their monopoly on trade was weaned from them. Now they are still the ruling power in Laddenstradda, with the only standing army and title to most of the land, but their age of glory has passed, some say forever.

Soon after the discovery of the the Frozen Heart pass a new faith took root in the still young city of Laddenstradda. Followers of the goddess Ioun built an abbey on the outskirts of the city; they pledged fealty to then powerful Bennoteth, who already worshiped Pelor, and began assimilating lesser religions into one powerful faith. As time passed the church prospered from a steady growth of followers. It was the church who established what would later become the prominent school of magic in the city, though the two are no-longer closely tied. The church also developed some of the best seers in the region, though their focus has been to predict weather and crop yields in return for continued tolerance from the Bennoteth. Though the church is not rich, nor has any military strength, it has captured the hearts of the people of Laddenstradda.

A small sect of the Eladrin race has worked for time out of mind to bring peace and justice to all the people of the land, they are the Endarune. Sworn to never take up arms other than in defense, the Endarune focused on honing their arcane powers and sought peace through diplomatic means. Many years ago an Endarune Embassy was established in Laddenstradda, led by Chief Ambassador Allomen. In the years since the arrival of the Endarune to Laddenstradda they have established a court of justice and created a police force of peace keepers to serve Laddenstradda and the surrounding region. Ever faithful to their code, the Endarune’s power is not great compared to the other ruling factions of Laddenstradda. What they lack in numbers is more than made up through sheer skill cultivated over centuries of dedication to perfection in the arcane arts.

House Rookthelian

It was not pure luck that the Frozen Heart pass was discovered. That discovery was made by Sethstone Rookthelian, the first known member of what has now become House Rookthelian. It was this family that tamed the mountains and built the pass. Though at first content to take tolls on merchant caravans and travelers the family chose to settle in Laddenstradda and expand their economic empire. It was the Rookthelians who bled the Bennoteth of their wealth over generations of careful expansion. Endarro is the current reigning Lord of Rookthelian, a title he has held for most of his life.

To ensure the continued success of the family business Endarro’s great grandfather built a temple to Zuoken somewhere along the Frozen Heart pass, deep within the Dragons Spine mountains. There he formed an elite group of psionic worriers who master both mind and body. Bound by blood and faith, their duty is to serve the Lord of the House, to protect the family bloodline, and in times of need, to sway the minds of those who would oppose the will of their master.

Endarro married a graceful young woman, Thentara, a seer in the church of Ioun. She produced for him one son and one daughter, Elor and Eva. After the birth of Eva, Thentara took a vow of chastity and redoubled her efforts with the Faith. Unlike her sisters, Thentara does not look into the future for knowledge of crop harvests, she is searching for darker skies to come.


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