The "Yes" Group

Fun in the City

"I don't like the drugs, the drugs like me."

(Disclaimer: This log will have a lot of holes because it was so long ago and I lost all my notes, but most of the events are there.)

After learning from Evero that Casaboun was indeed plotting something nefarious and using them to accomplish it, the party agreed to find Colette but had no intention of returning her to him.

After asking around, they tracked her down to a shady inn where she was the proprietor. The inn featured a trio of sultry dancers who were very popular with the patrons. It was also discovered that Colette had enthralled her customers with another force- a magical and illicit compound known as “snow”. Colette was the primary manufacturer of this powerful elemental stimulant and hallucinogen and was selling it out of her establishment.

The party eventually met with Colette and told her about how Casaboun had sent them to find her, but warned that he was up to no good. She brushed off their concerns and instead offered them a sample of her snow compound. Draela was the only party member to try it and was immediately overcome by its effects. Colette went on to say that if they wanted her assistance with stopping Casaboun, they would have to help get rid of a local temple of Ioun worshipers.

She explained that they had become dependent on the use of snow in their ceremonies and were increasingly applying pressure for her to supply them with more. She wanted them to be exposed for the fringe cultists they were, who had become more interested in consuming snow than revering Ioun.

The party then traveled to the temple where they got conned into participating in their rituals by the head priest. It was clear something unnatural was taking place and all of the parishioners appeared to be in a snow-induced stupor. After leaving, the party decided they would kill two birds with one stone: dismantle Colette’s snow manufacturing operation (thereby freeing her to come with them) and planting the same evidence within the temple of Ioun and then alerting the town guards (ridding Colette and the city of their tainted gospel).

The plan was solid but the execution that followed was messy. Draela became addicted to snow and was unable to help much. Elor became trapped in the temple overnight and forced to participate in the priests’ snow consumption and rituals. Lastly, after the evidence had been planted, Evero became jailed by the town guard, who became suspicious of his actions after alerting them to the goings-on at the temple. He was able to escape by mind-shattering a helpless prisoner and jumping from a window.

Just as Evero re-joined the party, the guards were already headed to investigate the temple. Meanwhile, the temple zealots, with a drugged Elor in tow, marched on to Colette’s inn to take over her snow operation. Soon, the two forces met in the street and a chaotic fight erupted. The party assisted the guards while Colette tried to flee from everyone. However, the party cut off her escape and she surrendered to them. As the guards and zealots fought in the streets, they made their way back to their quarters at the Splurging Sturgeon.

Colette agreed to help them and promised she was out of the snow business. She gave a crate of her remaining wares to the group, which was readily claimed by Draela. A brief fight followed between her, Evero, and Elor, who recognized the inherent evil in the substance and tried to destroy the crate. She was able to wrest control of it, however, and the adventure concluded with Draela disappearing into the night with a box of madness…



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