The "Yes" Group

Into the Drow Camp

Wherein the Yes group plunges to new lows...


After leaving the lair of the bulette (and spending a few minutes to rest and carve up their quarry), the party moved further down the tunnel complex. Shortly after, Evero and Ediza joined up with them. Before they could get caught up on the happenings inside the Underdark, the group found themselves inside of a chamber filled with hooks, chains, and other torture implements.

The ground was covered in scraps of books and notes, and as the group examined them, an apparition appeared and asked them questions about historical events that had occurred since his passing. The ghost’s questions were answered to his satisfaction by Valdor, and he then rewarded the group with his magic painting (a flat plane of inter-dimensional space- that lacked oxygen). The ghost was exceedingly friendly and tried to tell the group many poems and tales but they simply had to move on if they were going to save the butcher.

After passing through a den of spiders without provoking them, the adventurers traversed a steep hill (using Valdor’s disc) and arrived on a level of the complex coated in an acidic haze that made it difficult to breath. Fashioning makeshift masks, the party moved forward until they came upon several pools of acid. One of the pools had a skeletal hand outstretching from it that was grasping a strange rod. The rod couldn’t be moved or manipulated through normal means ((but somehow Draela got it?)).

The party soon approached a reprieve from the dark acidic halls and entered an old mining area filled with barrels of tools and crates of ore. Among the clutter they found a lonely dwarf child who said that her father, Vaagen Sweethammer, had been kidnapped by some Drow slavers and was likely taken to a nearby Drow camp. The party offered to help the girl, and promised to reunite her with her father if he was found (and still alive).

The group soon found the Drow encampment and was horrified by the cruelty within. Flags of skin and ramparts of bone made up the grisly bivouac. This was clearly a terrible place, even for the Underdark. However, the Yes group pressed on, deciding to don “drowface” and disguises in an attempt to sneak into the camp (Elor declined to don his infamous “prisoner” disguise, however). While masquerading as slave traders, the group wandered the camp until they could find where Sweethammer might be held.

The slavers they spoke to were skeptical to say the least. It was a miracle that the party wasn’t outright killed after several failed guesses and false claims of a particular Drow ancestry were made by the group. Everyone in the party was ignorant of Drow customs and traditions, save for Draela, who, upon her recent snow-binging, drug-addled lark had clearly obliterated them from her mind.

Instead of being cast out for being imbeciles, the party offered to return with fresh slaves so that the slavers might respond more kindly to their inquiries. The group was able to locate a pack of wandering gnolls and set up a cunning plan to ambush them involving a rigged boulder that would shoot through the group, hopefully killing most of them and leaving a few to take as slaves. However, Elor had other ideas and thought the best way to enslave the gnolls was through the all-consuming tyranny of fire. He hurled a fireball at them and the fight was soon over. With three gnolls captured, the party made their way back to the camp…



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