The "Yes" Group

Saving Laddenstradda

When the party reaches the top of the Licee, they encounter dozens of high mages and professors formed in a circle, and Evero is able to tell they are channeling a powerful protection spell.

They are then approached by Archmage Velouria, who tells the party they are forming a protective magical barrier around the city to prevent the fires from spreading. She asks the group for help extinguishing the fires that surround the barrier, mostly in the poorer districts. They agree, and suggest that their prized arena worm Vol could breach the outer wall in order to flood the city- a scenario in which much of the city will be lost to water, but the remainder will be saved from uncontrollable fire.

They make for the arena and along the way meet a distraught dwarf woman whose house is ablaze with her children missing inside. Springing into action, the Yes group saves the two dwarf children with nary a scratch.

After trying their hand at being firefighters, they hurried to the arena where they were confronted by two ogre gladiators who had just escaped. Soon after, the party looked to the sky and saw Valdor approaching on his flying disk. He had been surveying the damage and could see the party was about to be in trouble. A fight then ensued in the arena courtyard and the party handily dispatched the ogres. However, during the course of the battle a statue of Lo-Kag was destroyed by one of the rampaging ogres.

The party then made their way into the arena and were able to communicate to Vol that they urgently needed his help. They saddled up and rode the great centipede through the ruins of the city to the wall, where they command Vol to begin to bore through to the other side. Upon arriving, the party was taken by an uneasy sense of comfort and rejuvenation that appeared to emanate from the ground below. Before they could even assess what was happening, dozens of undead burst from the rubble and scattered debris and at once attack them.

The group being heavily outnumbered, they scrambled to dispatch the hordes of undead, unsure of what unholy magic drew them to this place or resulted in their creation. Meanwhile, Vol continued to dig as the fight raged on…



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