Elor Rookthelian

A young wizard with a pure hearth.




Elor (sometimes called “L” by those who know him)

House of Rookthelian has stood for centuries. The wealth and power of the family increased steadily over generations, each Lord of the house taking the mantle of leadership and working to move the name of Rookthelian into greater circles of power. Endarro gained the titles of the Lord of Rookthelian several years ago. Although he has advanced the power and wealth of the House, his methods rest upon the powers of his psionic followers. Endarro married a graceful young woman, Thentara, a seer in the church of []. She produced for him one son and one daughter, Elor and Eva. After the birth of Eva, Thentara took a vow of chastity and redoubled her efforts with the Faith.

Elor was raised to be the next Lord of Rookthelian. Trained from a young age to strengthen both is mind and body, he is an accomplished wizard for his age. By the winter of his 20th year the time had come for Elor learn what it meant to be a Lord of House Rookthelianim. Endarro began to includ Elor in decisions about the family business. Over time Endarro revealed to his son what powers he used in crafting the new face of the Rookthelian name.

Although House Rookthelian appears to be a noble family, moving in the highest circles of wealthy elite, that image is a remnant of a time long gone. Rookthelian is filled with psionics willing to follow Endarro’s vision, rending the minds and souls of those who oppose him.

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Elor shunned his father’s teachings, instead spending more and more time with his mother. As his father’s anger grew at his son’s lack of will it became clear that Endarro would not stand to have his plans for House Rookthelian be altered.

Eva is the son Endarro had always wanted. She embraced the ability to toy with the minds of lesser men.

Elor Rookthelian

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