Ali Rookheim

Friendly merchant that trades in: exotic goods, monsters, and information.


Ali Rookheim is a paragon example of a unknown traders. He established a systematic purchase and capture of large monsters operation, from the south east unknowns. He captures and brings ferocious creatures back to Laddenstradda for gladiatorial fights.

Often draped in flowing silk, with gems and precious gold jewelry, Ali Rookheim moves with grace. Despite the traditional facial hair, Ali Rookheim is a very charismatic and beautiful man in his late 50’s.

The Rookheim La Khalai family is one of the ruling merchant bloodlines of Laddenstradda. Their fame came from exploitation of refugees from the south east region. Large quantities of humans, gnomes, and halflings, left their homeland in droves, to escape the raging Wizard Wars, and Rookheim La Khalai family already established infrastructure in the ruins of old Shalo-Saana.

The Rookheim La Khalai family grew in power and influence, becoming not only a powerful player in the Shalo-Saana ruins, but also an unrelenting force of greed and resources in the north east region.

Ali Rookheim is a descendant of the Rookheim La Khalai family, a fifth son of Aliyah Rookheim. He grew up in a traditional Rookheim La Khalai family, Aliyah was the mother with several obedient husbands. Aliyah was the head of the house hold, commanding business affairs and spending time fighting with her extended family for Rookheim La Khalai inheritance.

In a such a large family, Ali Rookheim was constantly compared to his siblings, which forced him to abandon his dreams of becoming a dancer. Instead he picked up the family south east exotic creature import business.

He is a warm and friendly to everyone around him. Hard work has made him a very rich man, and his blood ties paved a successful path for his business growth. However despite of all of his success, he seems distant, and constantly daydreaming. With a genuine smile and handshakes, he is a very pleasant business partner, but his mental absence makes it difficult to become his friend.

Ali Rookheim

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