The "Yes" Group

A New Dawn

After felling the mindflayer our heroes return to Laddenstradda and Manor Rookthalian aboard their new prize, the Astral Sea Wolf. Lady Rookthalian greats them on the lawn to explain that Lord Rookthalian’s mind has been broken from so much time under the Illithid’s influence. Due to her daughter’s involvement in the siege, and the continued absence of her son, she has taken on the mantle of leadership for the House. She promises the creation of a city government to prevent such abuses of power in the future.

Unappeased the team returns to search the hold of their new ship. Several promising items and gems are found and distributed amongst the group. Finding the the Sea Wolf both a promising means of transport, and potentially very hospitable; the team pays their bill from the Slutty Hog, loads their goods and silk, and ascend into the sky. The team watches from on high as a fight breaks out at the city’s teleportation circle, unconcerned they set a course for unknown lands. A few minutes later they realize that their new home has neither food nor beds, nor map, and return to the city for the night.

Unbeknownst to the new aeronauts, they have strayed too close to the boarder mountains of the city, and threatened the airspace of a pair of winged manticore. Battle ensues. A skillful shot from Evaro rots one creature, leaving the bleached skeletal remains as prize. Seizing the opportunity the doctor frightens the mate away, by pointing how how quickly its partner was dispatched. Having survived their first airborne encounter, the team sleeps at ease. Manticore1.jpg



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